Now Accepting Ethereum!

It’s 2021, and every digitally-savvy investor is talking about cryptocurrencies. What’s changed recently is that digitally savvy non-investors and non-digitally savvy investors have become part of the conversation. Add in some skyrocketing values, plenty of media promotion and suddenly we have non-digitally savvy non-investors wanting to know if they should get in on the action.

These young, encrypted upstarts are borderless digital currencies that have revolutionized what it means to have safe, secure, private, and low-cost transactions. 

Crypto casinos like SlotsLV are on the frontlines of the cryptocurrency movement as early adopters, and along the way took several in. Among them: the relatively enigmatic Ethereum. Ethereum is impressively high on our list of crypto favorites. From grander bonuses and promotions to lower minimums and higher maximums and faster withdrawals for you, we’re excited to dish out the significant benefits of Ethereum!

To share the pleasant buzz with our beloved bettors who may be new to crypto, we’ve compiled a list of the top questions SlotsLV players have about betting with Ethereum. Hopefully we can clear up any concerns you may have, and leave you brimming with the same joy and confidence we have about using Ethereum at a crypto casino. Let’s get some answers, my friend.

How Do You Deposit And Play at a Casino?

For a currency that’s so modern and sophisticated, Ethereum is remarkably easy to deposit and use. That’s great for us, because we like to keep things straight forward and simple.

The first thing to do is to open a Digital Wallet. Your Digital Wallet allows you to securely spend at a crypto casino, plus receive your funds from withdrawals. 

Once that’s sorted, you’ll need an Exchange Wallet. You only need your regular debit card for this step, which is far more accessible than many assume it to be. With crypto at your fingertips, you are set to transfer the Ethereum directly to your Digital Wallet, and on to for your Ethereum test drive. 

Here’s how you deposit with SlotsLV:

  1. Using your account login; select “Ethereum” as your currency option under “Deposit” and hit “Send”. 
  2. Scan the QR code or copy/paste the address generated on the page into your Digital Wallet. 
  3. Choose the amount you want to deposit and hit “Send”.

You, my friend, are ready to begin betting with Ethereum! Welcome to the future.

Is It Easy To Play And Deposit With Ethereum?

Once you’ve mastered the buying and depositing phase of using Ethereum at SlotsLV, you can start playing games just like you always have. Simply login to your account, locate your favorite game, select your bet amount, and enjoy the slot-spinning, card-dealing ride as you always do.

Once those glistening prizes start piling up, you’ll even draw down your winnings much faster than you can with regular money. All you need is $10 and a sparkle in your eye to withdraw your winnings from Ethereum gambling, and you can turn that into standard old cash whenever please. We believe in winning, not waiting.

Are Ethereum Casinos Safe?

Put simply: ab-so-lute-ly! Ethereum is considered one of the safest currencies in the world. It’s entirely decentralized, and every transaction is layered with encryption. You have a record of all the transactions within your Digital Wallet, but the outside world is not at all privy to your transactional habits – unless you personally choose to share them, at which point you might wish to ensure that you’re not passing along any access information that could leave your account vulnerable. 

Here at SlotsLV, we don’t even need your personal information to deposit and play with Ethereum – just the address from your Digital Wallet is enough for you to process funds and send you off to the games. And no, sharing your address doesn’t mean you’re handing out keys to break in. To run with the metaphor, you’re really just communicating via your letterbox.

Is It Legal To Gamble With Ethereum?

When it comes to betting with Ethereum, there are laws in place to regulate banking and financial institutions for processing cryptocurrencies, but there isn’t a single law that mentions Ethereum its illegality. That’s the benefit of having a totally decentralized form of currency: no one can take it over!

Having said that, laws about online gambling differ from place to place, so in the first instance, always make sure it’s legal to play at an online casino in your particular jurisdiction. We all love a good time, but not so much the doing time.

Ethereum Bonuses and Promotions

If you’re liking the sound of betting with Ethereum so far, you’re going to love this part. SlotsLV offers the most delectable Ethereum promotions this side of the moon. In fact, most Bitcoin promotions you see bobbing their heads up around the website or in your email inbox are available for Ethereum, too.

The SlotsLV Welcome bonus is the most famous of welcomes and bonuses, because over your first 9 Ethereum deposits you can earn up to $7,500 to use right away on games. You read that correctly.

During the month of July, you can also enter a special crypto currency prize draw for every $20 you deposit with Ethereum, or get 5 entries if you deposit $50. The winning bettor gets $1K shot like confetti into their account, ready to rumble!

Is It Better To Deposit With Ethereum?

All bank card users (which is safe to say near all of us at some point) are painfully familiar with long wait times, fees, and even failed transactions. Those banks really know how to put a downer on our betting soiree. 

Good thing Ethereum is here to save the day! Ethereum is the life of the party, rolling up on a gold-studded Harley at high speed, minimal fees, zero wobbles, and protective armor that’s completely guaranteed to whiz through without so much as ruffled hair. 

Ethereum can accommodate 20-30 transactions per second. For you, that means you’ll hardly have to wait as your money goes through. Since it’s also the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum is accepted widely in the digital world, and increasingly in the real world, for the same ultimate convenience. 

As far as transaction fees are concerned, SlotsLV won’t charge a dime. The only fees you’ll need to pay are the modest ones from your Digital Wallet. You only need to deposit $10 in Ethereum to get started, and all it takes is one good round of Blackjack or a winning Bingo card to withdraw your winnings of $10 upward, the lowest minimum you’re likely to find. With those Ethereum winnings, we’re not kidding: you can transfer right away to regular USD and use it like the cash you’re used to carrying.

If you ask us (and we’ll pretend you have), the writing is on the wall, clear as a window. Ethereum is the easiest, fastest, most convenient way to deposit and play at a crypto casino. Full stop.

Can I Lose All My Money If A Cryptocurrency Fluctuates?

Ethereum is considered a highly stable cryptocurrency. That means it’s very unlikely for the value to dramatically change, especially in a short period of time. As soon as you make those winnings with Ethereum, your withdrawal and subsequent transfer of the funds into USD are very unlikely to warrant concern over big fluctuations.  

On the other hand, you could even keep your Ethereum winnings inside your Digital Wallet and transfer them as the currency is on another rise, which makes your winnings even more valuable!

What Are The Best Games To Play With Ethereum?

You’ll be happy to hear that after a successful deposit with Ethereum, you can treat your funds just like any other type of currency at SlotsLV Casino. The top slots like A Night With Cleo, Gold Rush Gus, as well as card games like Blackjack and Baccarat. You can even head to the Specialty Games section to play something brand new! 

That’s it for our brief but informative Ethereum Q&A, and we apologize for the fact that it wasn’t a particularly long read if you’re in a waiting room, or hoped to achieve some marvelous technical feat once you knew the secret digital knock. It’s just not that complicated. Now that you’re fully up to speed and eager to experience for yourself the convenience and utility of betting with Ethereum, you can make a deposit, play your games, and sit back and relax with Ethereum winnings gushing through your Digital Wallet. And give our best to the man on the Harley.