Slots Features Explained & How to Maximize Payouts

Slots Features Explained & How to Maximize PayoutsHow Online Slots Work

With a flurry of dazzling lights, tumbling symbols, and zooming reels melding to perform a hypnotic dance, it’s easy to get rhythmically lost in the action. What do all of these symbols mean? How do they work? Why did my screen just burst into another virtual realm, and how do I keep stacking up these coins?

That’s a lot to work through, we know; it’s not easy to take in the scenery when you’re driving pedal-to-the-floor. We completely understand that navigating the world of online slots can be mystifying, and because we want you to stay in that driver’s seat, we’re right here to demystify it. We can show you how to play slots from start to finish, develop a winning slot game strategy, and most importantly, how to shoot for those SlotsLV progressive jackpots at the end of the rainbow.

Do you have your login rearing to go and your SlotsLV Welcome Bonus in hand? Let’s get in there and demystify the fast-paced world of slots, and keep your pace with the best of them – and admire the scenery.

Top Features & Symbols
Top Online Slots Features & Symbols

When you’re learning how to play slots, you’ll notice right off the bat that some features arise again and again. They may appear in different themes, shapes, and sizes, but most features of a similar style lead to the same place. Let’s see what you can expect.


Wilds are a pretty hot topic around here. They’re a key feature in any slot game strategy, and they can be any designated symbol within the game.

When you land a wild symbol in the base game, it transforms into any other symbol to help you form a winning combination. The only exception in most games is the scatter (a special symbol that can add up to a win no matter where it lands on the reels).

Wilds come in different forms, too. These are the main types of wilds:

Expanding Wild: This wild symbol will expand to fit the entire reel it lands on, making the entire reel wild and greatly increasing your chances of winning.

Sticky Wild: This is a designated wild symbol that stays in place for a set number of spins, collecting wins every time a winning spin comes around.

Stacked Wilds: These helpful wilds stand on top of each other to fill out the entire reel, giving you easier wins across multiple paylines at once.

If it sounds like a wild ride, that’s because it is! Wilds are a key element to keep the game moving at a quick pace, and they’re a sure way to win more as you go. But that’s not all. Just wait until you hear about free spins.

Free Spins

Moving on from wilds, we’ve got yet another key feature in any slot game strategy: free spins. Sure, anything with the name free in it is great to have around. But with free spins, you can multiply your wins even more without any extra drain on your bankroll. That includes having extra chances to win SlotsLV progressive jackpots.

These come in two main forms inside the game:

Free Spins Symbols

In many slot games, there’s a unique symbol that’s made just for triggering free spins. It could be anything at all, depending on the theme and the game’s rules (which are found within the paytable). Generally, the more free spins symbols you land, the more free spins you get. In some games, they even come with multipliers attached. Super easy stuff. That’s the way to do it!

Bonus Rounds

Another way to get free spins is from within a bonus round. You can enter a bonus round by landing the right combination of symbols. From here, free spins are often triggered by landing the right combination of symbols, or any one unique symbol. Depending on the game, the free spins can be retriggered for even more free spins. Don’t be surprised if you see them reaching past 100 free spins! That’s enough to make anyone dizzy.

Most importantly, don’t forget that any prizes you win during free spins are yours to keep, just the same as any other spin, and that includes the SlotsLV progressive jackpots. Magical, right?


You may have noticed before when we mentioned multipliers. If you want to know how to play slots right, you’ve got to know how to take advantage of these.

Multipliers are special symbols or features within a game that multiply your winnings by a certain number. 1x-5x are common, but they could reach to 50x and beyond. You’ll most often see them attached to free spins (heck yeah!), but multipliers can also be the alter-ego of wild symbols. That makes it so whenever a wild lands, any associated wins will be multiplied.

Bonus Games & Bonus Rounds

This is where it gets really fun. Modern slot games aren’t limited to the main screen of reels and features. Most of them have exciting side games that put you right inside the story as you interact with the characters and win hefty prizes.

In the Codename: Jackpot slot game, the bonus round may be the biggest draw of all. You’re an agent on a top secret mission, and you’re on the hunt for a safe full of treasures. When you land three or more safes, you have to help your partner agent shut down the laser generators and choose the right safe to complete the mission.

Rock On is another modern slot with an unforgettable bonus round. You’re the star of the show, and when you land three or more Elvis symbols, you get to show off your skills as you play the guitar in front of a roaring crowd of fans.

There’s no end to the styles of bonus rounds you can activate, and they’re an excellent way to maximize profits in your slot game strategy.

How to Maximize Payouts With Slot Games
How to Maximize Payouts With Slot Games

After all is said and done, learning how to maximize your payouts for the most rewarding experience is truly the most important thing to know in how to play slots. A great place to start is with SlotsLV progressive jackpots. You can find these games by looking for the red banner over the slot name.

Progressive jackpot slots have a jackpot that grows with each new wager made. They can be a good investment for your bankroll since the payoff is huge if you manage to get it. Keep in mind, however, that since these games have the biggest ultimate reward, the smaller wins in regular game play aren’t as frequent. You also have to bet on the maximum to be eligible for the progressive, so some players find the increased cost isn’t worth it.

If you’d rather make smaller wins more frequently, another slot game strategy is to focus on games with smaller SlotsLV jackpots. That might seem counter-intuitive, but these games usually offer bigger prizes in the base game. That includes free spins, multipliers, and bonus rounds. Most 5-reel games will hit the mark on prizes like these, and you may find that you win more overall from a smaller investment.

Above all, the most important slot game strategy is to manage your bankroll with an iron fist. Remember that slots are run by a totally random software, and you have no control over when a win will appear! Set aside a bankroll just for that game, collect a SlotsLV bonus for that day, and spin away to SlotsLV progressive jackpots and a peppering of prizes.